The Baltic Sea Network on indoor climate in churches – meeting in Copenhagen 25 – 26 April 2012

The Baltic Sea Network on indoor climate in churches held its tenth meeting in Copenhagen25 – 26 April 2012. The meeting was hosted by the National Museum of Denmark. Among some 50 participants, there were four members from the SMC project. Tor Broström and Poul Klenz Larsen of Gotland University made presentations at the meeting.

The first day of the meeting was six presentations on current topics, the second day there were visits to some Copenhagen churches reflecting various aspects of sustainable maintenance of churches.

Introduction to the The Baltic Sea Network

Look the agenda of the meeting

Over the past two decades, belief in God has decreased in most countries

(Reuters) – Belief in God is highest among older people and increases with age, perhaps due to the growing realization that death is coming closer, University of Chicago researchers said on Wednesday.

Summarizing data from surveys performed in 1991, 1998 and 2008 in 30 countries from Chile to Japan, the university’s National Opinion Research Center found that, on average, 43 percent of those aged 68 and older were certain that God exists.

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