Invitation to a network meeting on Sustainable Management of Churches

The Baltic Sea Region Network for Indoor Climate in Churches will organize meeting Sustainable Management of Churches

Date: September 12th, 2013
Time 9:00 – 16:00, optional dinner in the evening
Location: Uppsala University, Campus Gotland Cramérgatan 3, Visby, Gotlan, Sweden

The theme of this meeting is based on two European projects:

Sustainable Management of Historic Rural Churches in the Baltic Sea Region
• Climate for Culture

Overview and technical survey of studied churches in Estonia: Results on analysis of bio-deterioration of materials, salt types and distribution, and mortar samples. Targo Kalamees. Tallinn Technical University

Analysis of measurement results of hygrothermal performance of massive wall structures. Lembit Kurik. Tallinn Technical University

Field measurements and whole building heat, air and moisture simulation on climatization of Risti church. Margus Napp. Tallinn Technical University

Adaptive ventilation and solar energy – a case study in Hangvar church
Magnus Wessberg. Uppsala University Campus Gotland

3D survey and advanced cultural heritage domain documentation – Pöide church. Andres Uueni, Conservation Centre Kanut

Documentation: Photogrammetry with helicopter. Lembit Kurik. Tallinn Technical University

Conservation management plan guidelines Tor Broström/Derek Worthing. Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Conservation management plan – case study of Pöide church. Ann Vainlo/Kaire Tooming, Conservation Centre Kanut

Conservation management plan – case study of Bro church, Mikael Hammelev Jörgensen, Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Climate for Culture : A presentation of the project, methods and expected results
Tor Broström, Uppsala University Campus Gotland