The Almedalen week in Visby

Almedalsveckan/Almedalen Week 2013, June 30th – July 7th

The parlamentary parties each have a day in the week according to a rolling timetable. The parties’ days often begin with participation in early morning TV broadcasts and breakfast meetings. In recent years, the most events have been held Monday-Thursday. On those days, there are more than 400 events a day.

During this week there was SMC project exibition in the Burmeister house and seminar about cultural heritage in the Burmeister house.

Conclusions from the inquiry the church of Pöide

We made a small inquiry to find out how the local community relates to the church of Pöide. The main question in our heads was ‘Does the church matter to them?’ Today we can gladly say yes, it does! Only 11% of our respondents were the members of the congregation, but as much as 99% marked in their answers that Pöide church is a very important building for them.  The summary of the inquiry can be read bellow (sorry, Estonian version only).

Seminar Extended Use of Churches


TIME: 7 October 2013, 9.00-17.30 PLACE: Niguliste Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

For centuries churches have been the central pillars of the communities around them – congregations’ manifestations of pride and wealth. In these days the status of a church building has undergone considerable change. Secularisation and urbanisation processes have shrunk congregations, especially in the countryside. Financial challenges and under-use are the key factors which put historical churches under threat of redundancy. The focus of the seminar is extended use of churches. The aim is to introduce the present situation and trends in Europe and boost the discussion on that matter.  Our target groups are congregations and the clergy as well as the professionals working in the field of heritage protection.

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