First steps to create accurate and reliable documentation

One of the objectives of the SMC project is to test techniques, methodology and optimise workflow to create accurate and reliable 3D conservation documentation, providing as well further additional value(s) (e.g. the base material for engineers, architects).
During whole project is the aim to use open-source software approach and universal file formats, and to enhance wider use and accessibility.

The first target of the project was to create accurate pointcloud. During one day (19. June 2012)  was completed Pöide church in- and outdoor 3D survey by co-operation of Geogrupp OÜ (EST), 3D TOTAL Ltd. (POR) and Conservation Centre Kanut. Having large experience on the cultural heritage 3D surveys 3D Total Ltd. provided know-how and the equipment  (Z+F Imager 5006i) used at the site.

The creation process and output of the pointcloud follows modern technological approach as well there are several file formats (x3d, zyx, obj and dxf) to facilitate the usage of different software platforms.
To have highest possible accuracy the pointcloud was created with local co-ordination system and L-EST spatial reference system.
There are cleaned full and simplified pointcloud versions, providing necessary flexibility and readiness for further developments e.g. modelling.

Pöide church 3D scanning. Photos and pointcloud screenshots by A. Uueni.