Central Baltic Open Days

During the Central Baltic Project Open Days 2012, from September 17 until October 14, there are nearly 30 different projects opening their doors and welcoming visitors to see and hear about European cooperation under the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013. See the list of project events.

SMC project will open doors:

During 39 week there will be the poster exibiton in Gotland University Libary, there is possible to get an overview about SMC project activities in the Gotland rural churches. The exhibition will be held on the Cramergatan 3, Visby, Sweden. Contact person Tor Bröström, tor.brostrom@hgo.se

On the 28.09.2012 we will hold open historical lessons in the Pöide church, by SMC Project Manager Kaire Tooming to the local students. St. Mary’s church in Pöide can be seen from afar due to the flatness of the surrounding landscape. The size and massiveness of the church make it look more like a castle from the 13th century. Today Pöide church is empty, the roof is leaking and the windows are without class. But where are lot of history. The open lessons will rise awareness about the rural churches and the local history. The lessons will be hold in the Pöide church, Pöide vald, Saaremaa, Estonia. Contact person Ann Vainlo, ann.vainlo@kanut.ee